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As a show of commitment and self-entitlement the Why Not Us team is devout in doing there share to make sure that the Kendall Courts Project comes to fruition. To honour our devotion, we have pledged to raise the necessary funds to finance the FlexMat flooring for one of the courts. 


With a goal of $10 000, WNU has officially launched the "Finance the Floor" campaign and can be seen all over the community at events, fairs, festivals, tournaments, meetings, on site and online, doing their part.


Giving the Kendall Courts Project a jump of point

Finance the Floor

We will soon be running the "Omega Reds" Hoodie Campaign in accompaniment to the Kendall Courts Project. The proceeds from the "Omega Reds" hoodie campaign will be helping to Finance the Floor in building the basketball facility in our City.


We say "Why Not Us", because we believe if you challenge yourself with this question, you can make a difference, not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you. If you notice there is no question mark at the end of this sentence, that's because it's a statement rather than a question: why not you... WHY NOT US


The Omega Reds Hoodie

Something to show for your efforts & support
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