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Re-investing in our community's youth, by providing platforms in arts, athletics and mentorship.

Why Not Us  is a non-profit organization driven by a positive way of thought. With this revised mindset, we believe that we can make a beneficial change, not only within ourselves, but also within our communities.  We feel that its important to have a hands on approach to give back, allowing the community to see the benefits of their involvement to inspire and encourage everyone; through positive cycles of improvement, for years to come. 


"Just some average people, trying to do something a little above average, to up the average." - Kurke White




Due to the overwhelming request by you the students. The SMC will be held at the end of the school year (June) instead of Dec 10th. We want to give everyone a chance to play in the tournament and we’re also going to be doing something for the seniors that didn’t get a chance to play over the pandemic. There will be information in schools in the up coming months regarding the tournament. We will also be doing the “My Style” jersey design competition again which allows a student to design the alternate jersey for this year !!!


The people have spoken and the Street Mayor has heard you 😀. We’ll see all off you then ✌🏾

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We appreciate you taking your time to visit our website and find out more about Why Not Us and our community.

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A culture building basketball development program based on FUNdamental skills, focusing on the strengthening and conditioning of both, mental and physical health.


Developed for boys aged 8-10 and girls 8 - 12. 

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