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Why Not Us  is a non-profit organization driven by a positive way of thought. With this revised mindset, we believe that we can make a beneficial change, not only within ourselves, but also within our communities.  We feel that its important to have a hands on approach to give back, allowing the community to see the benefits of their involvement to inspire and encourage everyone; through positive cycles of improvement, for years to come. 

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One of the most rewarding benefits encountered since establishing Why Not Us, has been the pleasure and benefit of connecting with various like minded people in the community. With our focus being the development of positive cycles for the youth through arts, athletics and mentorship we believe that we can make a positive change within the community, by giving back and paying it forward. 

We continue to garner support throughout the community and beyond, engaging in conversation with individuals and organizations who have the youth's interest not only in mind, but also at heart. 

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Through a chance meeting in November 2017, Why Not Us and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Woodstock District realized that their priorities and focus aligned not only through mission, but also strategically. With each group focused on the success and potential of children and youth it only made sense to join forces to create a larger and more meaningful impact. 


"The people in this group are amazing role models. They’re the epitome of what we look for in volunteers, self-described “average people” who want to invest in the community and specifically the youth. Our partnership seems so natural, and we were so excited when they were interested in working with us!"

– Kristen Ralph, Executive Director

The groups will come together for the development of a new direction of programming and have hit the ground running with a successful Cooking program, that saw chefs teach youth with Big Brothers Big Sisters how to prepare and present a meal for their families. Basketball was also a natural fit for one of the new programs and has gathered much enthusiasm along the way. These exciting programs will hopefully inspire youth to think “Why Not Us?” and invoke new passions and opportunities. In addition to programing, the new partners will also focus time on fundraising, to support the Kendall Courts Project. Designed as a unique one of a kind asset to the community, the Kendall Courts basketball facility is to be situated at Cowan Fields Sports Complex.

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Since late 2019 we have joined forces with those at First Ontario in an attempt to enlighten the youth when it comes to finances. One of First Ontario's missions is to provide financial literacy to the youths of the communities that they inhabit. This initiative is something that too felt strongly about and were more than happy to collaborate on an endeavour with them, merging their Each One Teach One philosophy with our connections to the youth and several prominent local entrepreneurs and other successful business owners.


Our goal with this course is to get these kids thinking about their finances early in life which will give them a better chance of financial stability in the future. Ultimately we look not only to inspire the youth, but to also give them tools to fuel their inspirations.


As an extra incentive to attend this course we will be giving every participant with perfect attendance $100 to start their own investment portfolio and/or savings plan that they can manage with First Ontario Credit Union.

So far the courses have been working with great success and are fully booked months in advance. We are fortunate to be part of such a great community and continue to do our part to perpetuate positive cycles of improvement for years to come.

Are you, or is there someone you know who might be interested in getting in contact with us? Feel free to send us some information about yourself, your organization, or your event. We'd love to hear from you.

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