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The Kendall Courts Project

Designed as a unique one of a kind asset to our community, the Kendall Courts basketball complex is to be situated at the Cowan Fields Sports Complex being built in Woodstock, Ontario. Our hope is that through the use of the facility, social camaraderie will be enhanced along with an overall enjoyment and appreciation for sport and fitness in the city of Woodstock. 

Perhaps more importantly, we want to demonstrate to the youth that they can achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations through persistence and innovation with the help of friends and community. The facility, once built will inspire many and serve as a representation of average people doing above average things in order to raise the average.

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Half Roof, HD Low
Full Roof
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Basketball Game

A large proponent of KCP is the inclusion of FIBA 3x3 basketball. Here's a look at what facilities look like around the world right now.

Why Not Us would like to thank all those who come out, help, support, & participate in our  events. Click the image(s) below for more on where to find the WHY NOT US team in the near future:

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