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Picknell Fitness will provide you with a wealth of invaluable information, as well as a place that will help you find the balance that nature intended. If you need inspiration, motivation, or encouragement, Pickell Fitness is here for you. 


When CrossFit first popped up a lot of people were convinced it was just a fad and with all the different programs that come and go in the fitness industry they had every right to believe that. Now it’s different. It’s pretty safe to say CrossFit is here to stay. Why is it here to stay? The answer is simple, because it works. This type of training just makes sense. When you combine so many different parts of fitness into one workout you are basically guaranteeing your success. 

We run, we jump, we throw, we push, we pull, we press, we lift and we climb for a certain amount of time, rounds, or reps then we rest. In most cases we only rest at the end of the workout. 

So, yes if you want to get in shape CrossFit works, no one can deny this but what makes CrossFit special to me and everyone I train is the sense of achievement I get each time I finish a crazy WOD that half way through I just want to quit. When you can mentally force yourself to do something both your mind and body are telling you not to do its nothing short of amazing. My self and many others have been able to take what we learn from ourselves in these workouts and implement it into our everyday lives. I’ve been through some really tough times in my life but I swear some of the workouts I’ve done are the hardest things I’ve ever had to endure. Funny thing is I do it too myself. It provides me with the mentality: “Well if I can do this, I can most definitely do that”. 

CrossFit is awesome and if you haven’t tried it I highly recommend it. It’s taken my training and my entire life to another level. 

Nate Picknell
Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
Owner CrossFit WNU





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